Welcome to my site

This is where I showcase bits and bobs that have sparked my interest over the years. Have a look around, but don’t expect anything serious 😉

A fun little fishing tool

This is my take on the traditional Hobo Reel, but with some added features you normally don’t find with them.

My multifunctional phone stand

As a challenge to myself, I wanted to see if I could create a mobile stand with a lot more just as a desk stand. Here’s the result.

Excursion to Loenvatnet

Loenvatnet, also known as Loen Lake, is a lake located in the municipality of Stryn in Vestland County, Norway.

3D Printing, a fascinating hobby

Over the last year or so I’ve enjoyed playing with and learning to use my 3D printer, but even more so learning to create my own models.

Excursion to Rakssetra

Here are some images from one of our trips in our own country, Norway, during the Covid lockdown.


Small details of Norwegian nature, up close and personal.

My Reef inhabitants

My small reef setup has slowly started growing as hoped for, and during the last few months, I’ve been adding flora and fauna to it.

Excursion to Steinvikholmen

Steinvikholmen is a fortress located on a small island in the municipality of Stjørdal in Trøndelag county, Norway.

2-in-1 Aquarium overflow and Protein Skimmer

This is a walkthrough and setup guide to the ‘2-in-1 Aquarium overflow and Protein Skimmer’ found on Printables and Thingiverse.

Excursion to Briksdalsbreen

Briksdalsbreen is a glacier arm of the larger Jostedalsbreen glacier, which is the largest glacier on the European mainland.

Storm-proof seed ball hook

Every year we try to provide food to some of the many birds holding out the cold winter of Norway.

Tackle box (3D project)

This is a simple, thin tackle box inlay for Altoids tin. I find these little boxes to be the perfect size for all kinds of storage.

Beautiful Norway (again)

As the number of posts about Norway’s nature on my site might suggest, I’m absolutely wild about this country.

Star Citizen

I’ve been a StarCitizen backer since 2014, and so far the project has been an absolute joy to follow, warts and all.

Livebait Altiods mod

Here’s yet another inlay variation for Altoid tin cans. This time it’s a mini live-bait container and a small side compartment for a fishhook or lure.

Into The Breach

Into the Breach is one of my all-time strategy games. It is an excellent option for when you have a few minutes to waste.

Excursion to Sverresborg

Sverresborg, often referred to as Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum, is an open-air museum located in Trondheim, Trøndelag county, Norway.

Onyx Boox stand (3D project)

I own an Onyx Boox Air notebook, which I am very happy with. I also have a Samsung Android keyboard, and therefore I made a stand for /…

Excursion to Ånøya

During the summer, we try to visit one or two completely new places each weekend, either to learn a bit of history or experience new, beautiful sights.

I should be so lucky…

Using Midjourney, I asked it to make a variant of me at 60 (which is still a few years off). The result? Yeah, I should be so lucky…

A porch divided

Living in an old house, there is always repair- or upgrade work to be done.

Excursion to Tautra

Tautra is an island in the municipality of Frosta, in Trøndelag county, Norway.

3D prints for Birds

Birds are beautiful and deserve food and shelter. Here are some examples of 3D prints for this I found online and printed out. Nice, aren’t they?

An Unexpected American Diner

During the summer, we visit new places each weekend, to learn a bit of history or experience new, beautiful sights.

A proud moment

After two years of hard work by my team and coworkers, I was very proud to announce and release our company’s brand new house/accommodation booking website.

Skimmer (3D print project)

I have a somewhat unusually-sized reef aquarium that is pretty high (and square) instead of the more traditional rectangular style.

Diced (3D print project)

After testing and tweaking my homemade game (see this), I finally feel confident I might be on to something.

Excursion to Meholmbukta

During the summer, we try to visit one or two completely new places each weekend, either to learn a bit of history or experience new, beautiful sights.

Spain moments 2022

These photos are tests of my camera capabilities (portrait, HDR, color reproduction, sharpness, and zoom)

Fall 2022

I know I’m repeating myself here, but Norway’s beauty is undeniable. Here are a few shots from this fall.


DALL·E 2 is an AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.

Rollecoaster Tycoon

One of my all-time favorites, and a game I still come back to visit from time to time is Rollercoaster Tycoon.

Excursion to Hambåra Fortress

Hambåra Fortress, also known as Hambåra Fort, is a historical structure located in Agdenes Municipality, Trøndelag County, Norway.

A small mountain hike

Some images from a small mountain hike I did with a friend of mine last year. By the way, did I mention that Norway is beautiful?


Just a small assortment of odd closeups I’ve taken of creepie-crawlies over the years. I use it to gauge the quality of macro lenses on my mobile phones.

Excursion to Munkholmen

Munkholmen is a small island located in the Trondheim Fjord, just off the coast of Trondheim, Norway.

A touch of Spain

We have visited southern Spain almost every summer for the last 20 years, and though it is impossible to convey the sensations of being there, here are some…

Kids room

Some images from when we refurbished one of the kid’s rooms.

Excursion to Dalemsfjellet

During the summer, we try to visit one or two completely new places each weekend, either to learn a bit of history or experience new, beautiful sights.

Small media room

We divide our mostly unused basement into two rooms and turned one of them into a small media room.

Spain vignetted

This is a set of photos from a few years back when I played around with color degradation and vignetting filters.


Or NTNU Trondheim…? 🙂

3D Project | Tiny case mods

I recently bought a new Jabra In-ear headset. These are charged in a small-ish case, and although nice, the product team can’t possibly have tested their final product.

Lego dioramas

For some odd reason, I find taking close-ups of Lego builds fun and satisfying.

Funny prank

Print out face of a monster, or Gollum, or something else. Cut out and to fit friends’ car mirror. Wait.

Trekking pole mod (3D print project)

Last summer I went on a hiking trip with a friend, sporting my newly-acquired ultra-light pyramid tent.

Excursion to Todalen

Todalen is a valley and a village area in Norway, particularly within the municipality of Surnadal in Møre og Romsdal county.

Low-noise light Mod

One of the downsides of a reef aquarium can be noise levels coming from sumps, pumps, and even the light fixture.


These are old shots, taken from quite a distance with a Nikon D90, but I still love the expressions depicted here.

The Witcher 3

Aaah. The Witcher. A game so well made it leaves the Netflix series unwatchable, and its Blood & Wine DLC so large it is a full game in…

Excursion to Hegra Fortress

Hegra Fortress is located in the municipality of Stjørdal, in Trøndelag county, Norway. This fortress has historical significance due to its resistance during the German invasion of Norway…


Snow, free time, and watching Frozen one too many times can lead to things like this. Nuff’ said 🙂

Excursion to Innerdalen

The Innerdal Tower is a striking mountain peak located in the Sunndal municipality in Møre og Romsdal county.


Our weird cat sleeps in mysterious ways. And every blog must have at least one cat post. Here’s mine.


I have a weak spot in my heart for historical, Norwegian buildings. Here are some photos from Røisheim hotel, one of my favorite stayovers.

Free range eggs

I know (and have been told repeatedly) that I have a very strange sense of humor, one being finding dumb text or descriptions very funny. Even funnier is…

Halloween one-trick-pony

Being bald, there is only one sure-fire and simple ‘costume’ for me to use. Every. Year.

Excursion to Austrått

Austrått Manor, known in Norwegian as Austråttborgen, is a historic estate located in the municipality of Ørland, Norway.

Student-services app, v1

I’ve been lucky enough to manage an agile project working on providing new or updated student services in my hometown.

Wild Norway

What can I say? I love Norway 🙂 These are very old photos, but the mood remains.

Garden wildlife camera

Almost every night a small herd of deer visits our garden, and I wanted to capture it.

Western Norway

For me, the fjords and mountains of western Norway represent some of the most breathtaking beauty nature has to offer.


Some time ago I got fed up with all the chargers and cables lying around the house, so I made this charger ‘wall’

DIY Skimmer

To keep costs down – and because I love DIY projects – I used an old Jewel filter to house my homemade skimmer.

Reef 2.0 startup

After a 3-year break, I decided to start up my Reef hobby again.

A nice, cheap little tent

On a whim – and because I just wanted to test out the claims of the tent maker – I bought this one-person ultra-light tent from a Chinese…

A new terrace

We have a very old house, and the original terrace was sagging heavily on one side. So much so that it put a strain on the house’s fundament.

The 1000l. Reef

Here are some plans and photos from one of my earlier reef setups, where I knocked a hole between two rooms and put a 1000ltr. aquarium in.

Clownfish and their anemone

The interaction between clownfish and their chosen anemone is fascinating to see.

Brain teasers (3D prints)

Puzzles are fun, and after finding and 3D printing out a few of them, they have been taking time away from my kids (and workmates’) screen time 🙂

The Wild Hunt

This series of photos was taken almost by accident when I noticed our cat chasing down a mouse.

DIY Sleeping couch

I had a bunch of leftover materials AND a mattress. So naturally, I had to try making my own sleeping couch.

The Tarp

I got my hands on a large 3x4m. tarp, and checked YouTube for suggestions on setups.


Many moons ago, I held several certifications in Photoshop – including two AdobeAce – and taught photographers how to edit photos.

Fishing as a hobby

I love to fish. Wait, that might not be completely true. I love the experience of exploring the insane beauty of the Norwegian outback, and hoping for a…

DIY Cooler

A hot day, and stuff laying around prompted med to try my hand at making a small and mobile cooler. As a bonus, it actually worked 🙂


10 years in the making, this is my own try at a board game for kids, somewhere between Ludo and Chess.