One of the downsides with a reef aquarium can be noise levels coming from sumps, pumps, and even the light fixture. In my case, the two fans atop the led box will start blowing when the lights are turned up more than 50%, and they make quite a bit of noise.

When turned off, my complete setups produce a total of ~30dB, which I’m very happy with. With the lights on however, this goes up to 70dB!

I opened the fixture, found the make and model of the fans, and then found their specs online. They turned out to be low-quality Chinese PC fans. I then found some high-quality, ultra-low noise ones instead (9dB!) and ordered them.

I then replaced the old fans with the new, and voila! the fixture no longer adds to the overall sound of the aquarium.

Now…. what other parts of the setup can I replace or fix… hmmmm 🙂