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Here are some photos that don’t really fit into any of the other categories, but still are worth mentioning.

Lego dioramas

For some odd reason, I find taking close-ups of lego build fun and satisfying. When my kids make something, I try to frame a shot in such a…


These are old shots, taken from quite a distance with a Nikon D90, but I still love the expressions depicted here.


Nuff’ said 🙂


Our weird cat sleeps in mysterious ways. And every blog must have at leat one cat post. Here’s mine.


I have a weak spot in my heart for historical, Norwegian buildings. Here are some photos from Røisheim hotel, one of my favorite stayovers.

Wild Norway

What can I say? I love my Norway 🙂 These are very old photos, but the mood remains.

The Wild Hunt

This series of photos was taken almost by accident when I noticed our cat hunting a mouse from a distance. I grabbed my telelens camera and took these…


Many moons ago and in what must have been another life, I both played with, had several certifications in Photoshop – including two AdobeAce – and gave lessons…