I’ve been lucky enough to manage an agile project working on providing new or updated student services in my hometown. Working from a huge backlog, here are some examples of what we’ve been working on.

In this example (and until now) we have only had our old website to promote our cantinas, fitness gyms, health, counseling, housing services and more, and we really wanted to enable access to them via mobile platforms as well.

Since this was a huge undertaking, counting up several hundred (yes) stakeholder requirements, we started with one of the services most requested and that would provide the easiest win for both us and the students – the ability to pay for items at self-service stations on campus with an (our) app.

For this first release we had to build the framework, a scanning interface (QR- and barcode), login/user interface, location-based ‘warehouse’, payment options, receipt storage, option for weight-based input and more.

Here are some snapshots of the first release.

Not considering the few customers that had so old phones that they could not scan (due to poor cameras, which we found out when trying to help them), and issues with the payment provider server stability, we have had very few issues, and consider it an absolute win.

We will continue building out the app to provide easy access to the rest of our services, and to offer new and better ones on top of that.

Stay tuned 😉