Category: Reefkeeping

Another hobby is (DIY) reefkeeping (saltwater/coral aquariums). Here are some bits and bobs about that.

My Reef inhabitants

My small reef setup has slowly started growing as hoped for, and during the last few months, I’ve been adding flora and fauna to it. Here are some…

Skimmer (3D print project)

I have a somewhat unusually-sized reef aquarium that is pretty high (and square) instead of the more traditional rectangular style. As such, I’ve had difficulties finding a good…

Low-noise light Mod

One of the downsides of a reef aquarium can be noise levels coming from sumps, pumps, and even the light fixture.

DIY Skimmer

To keep costs down – and because I love DIY projects – I used an old Jewel filter to house my homemade skimmer. I used the pump and…

Reef 2.0 startup

After a 3-year break, I decided to start up my Reef hobby again. I needed a diversion from my daily routine, and reef keeping is challenging enough to…

The 1000l. Reef

Here are some plans and photos from one of my earlier reef setups, where I knocked a hole between two rooms and put a 1000ltr. aquarium in.

Clownfish and their anemone

The interaction between clownfish and their chosen anemone is fascinating to see.