Last summer I went on a hiking trip with a friend, sporting my newly-acquired ultra-light pyramid tent. This tent uses a trekking pole as tent pole, – a smart idea, if it had not been for me never having used one and therefore forgetting to take one with me on the trip. But that’s a story for another time.

However, while testing the setup before leaving, I grew concerned about the trekking pole’s sharp end, which I HAD to use on top because I would have to slide the inner tent guide and the support guideline over this ( see picture below).

1: Inner mesh (with trekking pole top inset). 2: Outer shell.

But, putting the outer shell on top of the small, sharp(ish) end would probably tear the fabric, so I found a plastic thingy to put in between the pole and the outer shell to solve the immediate problem.

With a brand new 3D printer in the house, however, I decided to try to make a mod to put on top of the pole, providing both support for the outer shell, the guideline, and the inner mesh fastening point.

Here is a short rundown on how it turned out:

My first try (clickable images above) had two holes meant to have split rings through them as anchor points for the lines. But they were put too far out to the sides of the ball, tearing up the small supporting wall when pulling on the rings.

Furthermore, although not required, I missed a few extra holes for rings I could attach hooks to and hang stuff such as lights on.

The second design was better. I moved the holes more to the center, providing much more strength to it, and at the bottom, I added space for two more holes.

And this is how it looks with the split rings on it.